Functional space
| cardio area
| cable machines
| indoor & outdoor classes
| Personal Training health cafe
| Beauty treatments

Set over two floors, we can offer:

Functional space
Equipped with squat racks, Olympic lifting weights, sled pull, gymnastic rings and a lot more!

Cable machines
Leg press, shoulder press, cable cross over and much more... for the days you are “less functional”.

Cardio space
Treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers and a selection of free weights – great space for warming up!

Indoor and outdoor classes
Our instructors are all highly experienced. Check our class timetable to find out more.

Outdoor Boot Camp
From spring to summer, join us to make the most of London summer and the River Thames view!

Health cafe
Where you can enjoy an espresso kick start, a fresh juice, a protein shake or a delicious and nutritious snack.

Private changing rooms
So you can have full privacy.

Powder room
Equipped with hair dryer.

And if you still want more...

Team of personal trainers
Small group training
Fitness plans
Corporate discounts
Beauty treatments (facials, massage, waxing and much more)


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